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Message from the Founder

Welcome to The Zoonotic Tuberculosis Network.


I am so glad you’re here!


You are now part of a vibrant and growing global community of stakeholders including anthropologists, artists, farmers, journalists, government officials, physicians, veterinarians, scientists from different fields, social workers, wildlife conservationists, and most importantly individuals that have suffered from zoonotic tuberculosis (ZTB).


Over the last 25 years, as a veterinarian, epidemiologist, and university professor, I have had the privilege to work with an extremely diverse group of people and institutions in 5 continents, in aspects related to TB in people, domestic animals, and wildlife species. Connecting, learning, and working with people from different cultures, disciplines and sectors of society, has been one of the most enriching experiences both in my personal and professional life.


Thus, when I created the ZTB Network in the year 2020, I did this with the vision to provide a platform, one common place without barriers, siloes, or institutional agendas, that promotes and facilitates collaborations and exchange of ideas and thoughts between stakeholders with one shared goal: act to address the challenges posed by ZTB, globally.


Here in the ZTB Network, you will be able to learn from and connect with remarkable people from a diverse range of sectors and disciplines that are working towards addressing different challenges posed by ZTB. Moreover, you will also be able to contribute and highlight your work, knowledge, and opinions on the following sections and formats: news and newsletters, recent/upcoming events and conferences, projects and initiatives, books and scientific publications, exciting information about the work of people around the world, videos and testimonials, research/volunteer opportunities, blogs for discussion, among others.


As I like to say and firmly believe: “to improve health, scientific and medical knowledge is necessary, but not sufficient”. Thus, your voice, your work, and your experience are greatly valued here. To address the ZTB challenges, the sum of our individual efforts is larger and more impactful than the outcomes that we can achieve individually working in isolation in our own disciplines, institutions, and sectors of society. 

Thus, I invite you to explore, share, collaborate, and contribute, from our unique positions, to improve the prevention, detection, and control of ZTB, globally.


Dr. Francisco Olea Popelka

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